WATCH: Norm of the North Trailer

Lionsgate today released the very first Norm of the North trailer, giving us our first look at the upcoming animated movie.

With Pixar and Disney basically owning the animated movie genre, and Sony and Dreamworks carving out a decent chunk of the market, we’re not sure if Norm of the North is going to be enough for Lionsgate to enter into the mix.

Norm of the North will follow the story of Norm, a polar bear defending the Arctic from tourists and a maniacal developer who threatens to build condos in Norm’s backyard. To stop him, Norm heads to New York City with a cast of ragtag lemmings at his side. So, basically, it’s human development vs. the arctic (wait, didn’t Happy Feet touch on that subject, too?)

The cast includes Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Gabriel Iglesias, Colm Meaney and Bill Nighy.

The Norm of the North release date is set for January 15, 2016, but if this first Norm of the North trailer is anything to go by, we’re not so sure we’ll be seeing it.

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