Bad Boys 3 and Bad Boys 4 Release Date Set

Bad Boys 3 release dateSony Pictures has revealed their slate of upcoming movies through 2017, which includes the first The Dark Tower movie, Passengers (the sci-fi drama with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt which we included in our list of the must see movies of 2016), and two Bad Boys sequels, Bad Boys 3 and Bad Boys 4.

Variety notes that the Bad Boys 3 release date has been set for February 17, 2017, while Bad Boys 4’s release is slated for July 3, 2019. Sony didn’t mention whether or not Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have signed on for the sequels just yet, but we are speculating that it’s probable the duo will return for Bad Boys 3 and set up a passing of the torch to introduce two new Bad Boys. That is just speculation on our part, though.

Sony announced the Passengers release date as well, and will be sending it to theaters on December 21, 2016, while The Dark Tower has been set for January 13, 2017.

Also of note is the change in release date for Ghostbusters, which is now coming a week earlier on July 15, 2016, and Patient Zero, which is now set for September 2, 2016. Finally of note to us is the Uncharted movie release date, which is set for June 30, 2017.

So, it’s clear that Sony Pictures has an exciting slate of upcoming action movies for us to look forward to, and we’re particularly interested in seeing if Smith and Lawrence will return for the next couple of Bad Boys movies.

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