Ready Player One Movie Release Date Set for 2018

ready player one movie**Update: The Ready Player One movie release date is now set for March 30, 2018.**

Original story:

News broke yesterday afternoon that the Steven Spielberg-directed Ready Player One movie, based on the Ernest Cline book of the same name, now has a release date set for December 15, 2017.

Ready Player One follows the story of Wade Watts, a skilled gamer living in the year 2044 who is obsessed with 1980s culture. Watt embarks on a virtual treasure hunt seeking fame and fortune using a game that can only be deciphered by someone familiar with both arcade games and 1980s pop culture. We included the book in our list of the top 50 best sci-fi books of all time, noting that it is one of the most fun sci-fi novels of the last ten years. In fact, Cline recently released another book in July that is receiving a lot of critical acclaim as well titled Armada, and we’d be surprised if that book didn’t make it’s way to the big screen at some point in the future as well.

Meanwhile, the Ready Player One movie will be Spielberg’s first film for Warner Bros. since A.I. back in 2001.

Ready Player One has not yet begun production, nor has Warner Bros, Villa Roadshow Pictures or DreamWorks Pictures announced any of the cast. So, unfortunately we don’t have any more details as far as the movie is concerned, but we’ll hopefully have more for our readers soon.

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