WATCH: New Trolls Trailer from DreamWorks

The new Trolls trailer is here and we finally have a good look at what the movie will look like! We have to admit, we’re liking the aesthetics.

As the new Trolls trailer suggests, Poppy, the peppy leader, teams up with her polar opposite, Branch. Together with a cast of their friends, they will embark on an adventure far from their home.

Up until now, all we knew about the upcoming Trolls movie was that general synopsis and that it would feature tons of music. Even though we’ve seen the animated Trolls in action, this is the first time we can really see them in their environment.

It’s amazing how much of a difference this cane make. Before we weren’t sure how we felt about the movie, but now we are really curious about it. The world looks like the colorful, crazy dream of an eight-year-old. This may seem like a little too much to handle, but the grumpiness of Branch helps the movie make fun of itself.

All we can say it, this new Trolls trailer from DreamWorks has us intrigued. With just a few months until its release on November 4, we’ll be diving into the world shortly. In the meantime, check out our list of upcoming cartoon movies and see what strikes your fancy.

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