WATCH: New Cell Trailer and Release Date

The new Cell trailer released today. The movie, based on one of Stephen King’s books, is looking to bring a refreshing new take on the zombie film genre.

As the Cell trailer suggests, their is a mysterious phone signal that starts to affect much of the population. For some reason, this signal causes them to become violent predators. It’s a modern take on zombies that innovates the genre just enough to feel new again. Cell phones are something we all have. This sounds much more terrifying than some virus. This is something that can affect you at any moment.

Cell is being directed by Tod ‘Kip’ Williams (Paranormal Activity 2). The movie’s big stars are John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

If you live in the UK, you can expect the movie to release simultaneously in theaters and On Demand on August 26. For American movie-goers, you have even less time to wait. Releasing July 8, you have just one week left to wait.

If you’ve been growing tired of zombies and just need something to make the genre feel fresh again, we think this movie will do the trick. Just check out the Cell trailer and decide for yourself. Will you be canceling your cell phone plan?

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