30 Minutes of Cool Explosions from Schwarzenegger Movies

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the current reigning king of action movies, has put together an explosion supercut video which contains over 30 minutes of badass explosions from all of his films.

This YouTube video contains EVERY explosion from EVERY film he’s starred in, starting with Hercules in New York and ending with Sabotage. Why is Arnold doing this? He wanted to get the word out there that he’s offering a chance for one lucky fan (and one friend) to be flown to Los Angeles to blow shit up with him and a team of pyrotechnicians. Why? For charity, of course! Entries will support the After-School All-Stars charity, which provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in life.

Schwarzenegger has been in so many memorable action films that are in this supercut, we’re wondering if any other actor has had more explosions in their movies? Hmm…something to chew on, we guess. Even some of Arnold’s most underrated action movies have some cool explosions, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he were the reigning champion of explosions, too.

Those interested in entering the contest can head over the contest page. And, if you’re not interested, well, you can just sit here and watch 30 minutes of incredible explosions.

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