Disney Announces Gigantic Movie, a New Take On Jack & The Beanstalk

gigantic movieDisney’s D23 event has already started out with a bang, after we’ve already received Toy Story 4 plot details, an Incredibles 2 poster, and now a new animated movie announcement. Yesterday, the company announced a new animated feature named Gigantic, which will be a new take on Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Gigantic movie will be directed Nathan Greno (Tangled), and will include music by Frozen’s Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. The movie will follow Jack, of course, but this time the giant is an 11 year-old girl. It will follow the classic tale, in which Jack acquires magic beans and plants a beanstalk to reach the world of giants. Although it sounds all too familiar — excluding the fact that the new giant is an 11 year old girl — Disney promises that it’s “not what you’ve seen before with a big dumb giant walking around.” Disney explained that the world above the clouds is inhabited with many different types of giants, including the Storm Giants, which will play the role of the bad guys.

Jack and the mega girl will team up to take down the Storm Giants, who are wreaking havoc in the world of giants.

The Gigantic release date is set for 2018, which is the first of the undoubtedly many animated movies announced for 2018.

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