WATCH: New Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Trailer

A new Rogue One trailer has landed! Technically a celebration reel, fans can get a look at some behind the scenes action while still revealing many new shots.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first standalone film in the series. It takes place shortly before the events of A New Hope. The story itself will focus on a group of Rebel spies trying to steal the plans for the Death Star. This new Rogue One trailer was revealed during a panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe. It was shown directly after some of the cast and crew talking about making the film.

In the trailer, we get a good look at the new planet Scarif along with many new aliens and Stormtroopers. Scarif is the tropical looking planet with clear, blue water and sandy beaches. Additionally, we see plenty of the desert planet Jedha.

For any Star Wars fan, this new Rogue One trailer is worth a watch. Sure, it may upset those who want to avoid spoilers, but without any context, the new characters and locals are fun to watch. The movie looks to maintain a lot more of the charm that the series holds while still maintaining the grittiness of a war film.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes to theaters this year on December 16.

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