Wonder Woman Poster Revealed at Comic Con

wonder woman posterWonder Woman poster has finally been revealed for the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC Comics movie. It’s looking a lot more saturated than past photos.

The Wonder Woman poster was revealed today by actress Gal Gadot via her personal Twitter account. In her post, she wrote, “A dream come true! Happy to finally share this with you all.” As you can see below, the poster really does capture the actress’ warrior side.

wonder woman poster

Back when Gadot was first cast as our titular hero, there was a lot of backlash due to her slender frame. Seeing her in the costume, you can see that she really proved us all wrong. She looks like the physical embodiment of the character and we are excited to see more of her in action.

We also noticed in this Wonder Woman poster that her costume seems a little more red and blue than her appearance in Batman v Superman. We aren’t sure whether or not this was in response to that movie’s criticisms, but we are excited to see more color nonetheless.

Wonder Woman is slated to hit theaters on June 2, 2017. As the first major female superhero to hit the big screen in a long time, we are excited to see how Warner Bros. handles it.

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