Jekyll Movie Looking at Chris Evans for Lead Role

jekyll movieJekyll movie based off the critically acclaimed BBC drama is being made by Lionsgate. Better yet, Chris Evans is lined up to play the lead role of Tom Jackman.

The announcement comes from Deadline, who reports that it will be produced by Ellen Degeneres and Jeff Kleeman through A Very Good Production. Penning the script is Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. As of right now, there is still no director announced.

The upcoming Jekyll movie is based off the 2007 miniseries on BBC. The show, of course, is based on the classic novella Strange Case of Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. This contemporary take on a classic tale starred James Nesbitt as Jackman. As a descendant of Jekyll, he also begins to develop a split personality.

Of course, Chris Evans is popularly known for his role as Captain America in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since we already know he has the acting chops to captivate an audience, we know he will do an incredible job in this Jekyll movie.

Additionally, Dr. Jekyll will make another appearance in the upcoming The Mummy. Russell Crowe will be playing the character this time so we will have to see who portrays the character best!

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