Blade Runner Sequel Casts Jared Leto

blade runner sequelThe Blade Runner sequel has a new addition in the form of Jared Leto. Playing a key role, Leto will hopefully bring something unique to the screen.

According to Daily Dead, Leto will be joining many notable actors including Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Robin Wright. The Blade Runner sequel will be directed by Denis Villeneuve. Warner Bros. will be releasing the movie in North America with Sony Pictures releasing the film internationally.

Alcon Entertainment co founders Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson state, “We are thrilled that Jared has agreed to play a key role in the Blade Runner sequel. He is a phenomenal actor, and we know he will create a truly memorable, never before seen character.”

As the story goes, Blade Runner 2 takes place decades after the original. Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Rick Deckard. The script is based off of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Currently, Leto is starring as The Joker in Suicide Squad. While the movie is receiving mixed reviews, it has broken multiple records with its $135.1 million debut and passing $500 million worldwide. He has also received and Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

The Blade Runner sequel is scheduled to release October 6, 2017.

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