James and the Giant Peach Live-Action Movie Finds Director

james and the giant peach live-action movieThe James and the Giant Peach live-action movie may have found its director. If you remember the stop-motion film, you know know he’ll have a lot to live up to.

According to Deadline, Sam Mendes is in talks with Disney for the James and the Giant Peach live-action movie. More specifically, he is in the “very early stages” of negotiations to develop and direct the film. Penning the script is a Brroklyn writer named Nick Hornby.

In recent years, Disney has been pumping out many live-action adaptations of its classic stories. The first of these movies was Cinderella. While this movie was well-received, later films like The Jungle Book or Pete’s Dragon have greatly improved on the formula.

The next live-action adaptation being hyped up is Beauty and the BeastIt is set to star Emma Watson as Belle. Fans have been eager to catch a glimpse of Watson in the role, but the most recent trailer has been very secretive about the reveal. Disney even went as far as to fade to black as she opens the door.

Based on the quality of the films so far, we are extremely excited for a James and the Giant Peach live-action movie. We are intrigued with how the movie will capture that stop-motion charm the original film had.

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