Deathstroke Teased as Batman Movie Villain by Ben Affleck

**Update 12:28PM EST: The Wrap has confirmed with their sources that Deathstroke will, indeed, be the villain in the upcoming solo Batman movie.

It looks like we might have another missing piece to Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie, as the director (and star) of the film has just released some seriously menacing footage of Deathstroke to his personal Twitter.

Moments ago, Affleck tweeted out an interesting video of Deathstroke, the Batman villain with numerous affiliations including Suicide Squad, H.I.V.E, and League of Assassins. Affleck gave no comments along with the video, just simply posted the 27-second video (above), leaving us to draw our own conclusions.

So, draw our own conclusions we shall. It would make sense that the upcoming Batman solo movie would have Deathstroke in it, and it’d certainly be an interesting break from the typical Batman movie villains we’ve seen in the past. Of course, the early Deathstroke footage could also be intended for the Justice League movie as well. Who knows at this point.

For now, the solo Batman film is still shrouded in mystery, and we can’t wait for Affleck to reveal more.

DeathStroke Batman movie

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