Danger Mouse Animated Movie On the Way

danger mouse animated movieFollowing the debut of the Danger Mouse reboot TV series last month, Sony has announced that a Danger Mouse animated movie has been put into production.

The film will be produced by Original Film and Frementle Media, and they’re apparently searching for a British-based writer with a deep familiarity of the character for the script.

There aren’t any official plot details for the film available just yet, but the Tracking Board’s sources say that the movie will be a sort of origin story for the mouse that lives underneath M16 headquarters who just so happens to be the world’s greatest secret agent — an agent so secretive that his codename has a codename.

The original Danger Mouse cartoon was a British series that made its original debut in 1981, and ran for over ten years. The show followed Danger Mouse, and his trusty hamster sidekick Ernest Penfold, as they traveled the globe solving various mysteries, fighting crime and stopping evildoers. The series reboot will be heading to Netflix at some point in Spring 2016.

Danger Mouse is just one of the many upcoming animated movies coming soon, and give the success of this year’s animated films so far, we’re likely going to see more new cartoon movies announced by the end of the year.

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