Avengers Infinity War Features Doctor Strange and Many Others

avengers infinity warAvengers Infinity War won’t be out until 2018, but that doesn’t stop the reveals from coming. Now we know that Doctor Strange will be making an appearance.

In a recent set visit with Empire (via Express), Benedict Cumberbatch revealed when we would see Strange again after his standalone film releases next month. He told the magazine it has been a “logistical challenge of aligning his schedule with those of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemswort, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.”

Logically, the only time these actors would be together in the same film would be in Avengers Infinity War. Cumberbatch went on to say, “To get us all together will be quite something. That’s why this character is being introduced, to open up the next chapter.”

Interestingly enough, it looks like Avengers Infinity War won’t be our hero’s second appearance, but his third. Based on a set photo of Thor Ragnarok, it looks like Thor will be visiting Doctor Strange at his home.


We are glad to see that Cumberbatch will be appearing in more than just Doctor Strange releasing October 25, 2016. Thor Ragnarok is slated for October 27, 2017 and Avengers Infinity War will release April 27, 2018. Get ready for three solid years of Doctor Strange.

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