Live-Action Lion King on the Fast-Track After Success of The Jungle Book

live-action lion kingThe live-action Lion King movie is coming sooner than we thought. After the mad success of The Jungle Book, Disney is again teaming up with Jon Favreau for the upcoming movie.

Favreau teased the news with emoticons this morning on his Twitter account. Additionally, Deadline has revealed that the movie has been fast-tracked to production. We imagine dates will follow before the end of the year.

Disney has been re-imagining all of their previous classics for a new generation. Each live-action movie has been making much more than the one before it. Cinderella kicked things in 2015 and made $543.5 million. Maleficent was soon to follow, raking in another $758.5 million. Most recently, The Jungle Book released with much much higher critical acclaim, making $965.8 million.

Currently, Disney is set to release Beauty and the Beast soon. Just like this film, the live-action Lion King will feature songs from the original animated film.

Historically, The Lion King has always made Disney money. Originally released as an animated film in 1994, it remains one of the highest grossing animated movies. in 1997, the story was adapted for Broadway. Since then, the franchise has made more money than any film, Broadway show, or other entertainment title in box office history.

While a live-action Lion King movie would mostly be CGI, we are definitely excited to see this one come to fruition. We have no doubt that it will capture the same magic as the original.

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