Portal Movie to be Announced Soon According to J.J. Abrams

portal movie A Portal movie, as well a a Half Life movie, are still in development. According to J.J. Abrams, we can expect a Portal announcement “fairly soon.”

In an interview with IGN at the Westworld premiere, Abrams confirmed that both movies are “still very much in development. We have a meeting coming up next week with Valve, we’re very active, I’m hoping that there will be a Portal announcement fairly soon”

Following this statement, Abrams was asked whether a Half Life or Portal movie would follow the existing story lines established by the games. “We are having some really interesting discussions with writers, many of whom…once you said you’re doing a movie or show about a specific thing that is a known quantity you start to find people who are rabid about these things,” says Abrams. “As someone who loves playing Half Life and Portal, what’s the movie of this, it’s incredible when you talk to someone who just ‘gets’ it, it’s like, oh my god, it’s really the seed for this incredible tree you’re growing.”

Sadly, we don’t really learn much of anything here aside from the fact that we should be expecting a Portal movie announcement relatively soon in the future. Our only question now is which will come first, Half Life 3 or Half Life the movie?

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