Ben Affleck Batman Movie Finally Gets Official Title

ben affleck batman movieThe Ben Affleck Batman movie has finally been given a title worthy of the hero. It’s simple and it’s effective. It’s The Batman.

The title of the Ben Affleck Batman movie was revealed during an interview with the Associated Press.

“The movie I think is going to be called The Batman,” said Affleck. At least that’s what we’re going with now. I might change it. We’re working on the script. The script is going well. I’m really excited about it.”

It’s important to note that titles of movies change all the time. Some movies even alter the title of the movie when it releases on Blu-Ray. We hope the Ben Affleck Batman movie sticks with The Batman though. It immediately fills us with nostalgia about the character. The title feels like the man, the myth, the legend.

There is still no release date set for The Batman. Recently, it was confirmed that Deathstroke will make an appearance and will be portrayed by Joe Manganiello. We also know that Affleck will also play a major part in Justice League next November. We are excited to see how these films feel after the reactions to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Has Warner Bros. learned from their missteps? We sure hope so.

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