Deadshot Rumored to Be Part of Standalone Batman Movie

With Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad nearing release, rumors are already building about what to expect from future DC releases. One, in particular, that is on everyone’s mind is The Batman, the standalone Batman film starring Ben Affleck. This comes as no surprise since people are eager to see how this new movie compares with the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

A new rumor comes to us from Latino Review, who says Will Smith may be joining Ben Affleck in his solo Batman movie. “Nothing is locked down completely, but most of the involved parties seem enthusiastic,” they say.

This isn’t outside the realm of possibility either. Will Smith signed on for multiple appearances as Deadshot and if Suicide Squad proves successful, he could possibly return to fight alongside Batman.

If Batman and Deadshot teaming up sounds like a stretch, keep in mind that they paired up recently in the Batman Arkham Knight comics.

Spoilers for the Arkham Knight game ahead:

For those who have beaten Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight, you know that the story borrowed heavily from A Death in the Family and Under the Hood comic storylines. This coincides with additional rumors that the next Batman movie might be based on the same comics.

We’ll have to wait until Suicide Squad to get more of a feel for Will Smith as Deadshot.  For a little taste of the character now, feel free to watch the trailer below. Of course, Suicide Squad is one of our most anticipated movies of 2016, so we’d be okay with a little Deadshot in our Batman.

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