Cooties Movie Trailer: Teachers vs. Zombie Kids

It’s about time we had a fresh take on the zombie movie genre, right? Now, we have our first Cooties trailer showing what we can expect from the upcoming zombie movie, which revolves around a group of teachers defending themselves against their students who have all become zombies.

Awesome concept.

Cooties will star Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, and Alison Pill, all of which are teachers of some sort that are held up in their own school while zombie kids try to make their way into the halls. The trailer gives us a little more about the Cooties plot, such as the fact that the elementary kids contracted the zombie virus from chicken nuggets. It sounds a bit silly for horror, sure, but this isn’t a PG-13 movie, so we’ll likely see some brutal and unforgiving horror visuals.

The Cooties trailer makes the movie look like a great mix of comedy and horror. Rainn Wilson looks to be hilarious as always, and at one point in the trailer he uses a pitching machine to take down some kid zombies, and in another scene, clotheslines a kid on the playground. Hopefully, the bratty, snot-nosed kids will get what they deserve.

Cooties is set to hit theaters September 18, 2015.

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