Hulk Solo Movie May Not Be Coming

Hulk Solo MovieEver since Mark Ruffalo’s performance as the Hulk, fans have been clamoring for a Hulk solo film.  With Marvel and Disney’s track record so far, it would be great to see the same level of quality applied to this member of The Avengers. Sadly, it is looking more and more like this superhero will never be a title character.

Mark Ruffalo explained in an interview with Yahoo! Movies that even though Marvel is looking into making a film, the ownership Universal has over the standalone Hulk movies is making it difficult. “Marvel and Universal famously don’t get along very well, and so that’s working against us, definitely,” Ruffalo says. “The nature of the relationship right now, it’s a little prohibitive, …right now it doesn’t look particularly promising.”

Universal’s rights of the Hulk films is a strange one. While Disney and Marvel have the actual production rights to make new movies, Universal holds the actual distribution rights.

For those of you who were hoping for a film adaptation of Space Hulk, you still may be in luck. it has long been rumored that Hulk will be teaming up with Thor in the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok on November 3, 2017. Their team-up has been described as a “cosmic road trip.”

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