New Pokemon Movie Looks to Celebrate the Beginning

The new Pokemon movie slated for next year gets its first trailer. While it’s only in Japanese for now, we get the idea that is going to be more meaningful than expected.

This new Pokemon movie will be called Pokemon: I Choose You! in Japan. What makes this interesting is that this subtitle was also the title of the very first Pokemon TV episode. Pair that with a character who looks incredibly similar to Ash Catchum, and it begins to feel more like a reboot origin story. He even sports a ball cap that resembles the original hat worn by our protagonist until 2002. The only different is a slight change in the symbol.

This trailer isn’t the only imagery that feels like a blast from the past either. The official website for I Choose You! features this beautiful sunset image of Ash, Pikachu, and Ho-Ho. Fans of the series will recognize this from the similar scene at the end of that first episode of Pokemon.

new pokemon movie

With this being the 20th Pokemon movie, and 2017 acting as the 20th anniversary of the show, we are more than positive that this is a retelling of that first episode. Thanks to Rocket News, we know that the onscreen text in the trailer translates to, “Are you ready for an adventure that’s just for you?” Meanwhile, the voiceover states, “The world, and the friends, you’ve yet to see. A new journey begins.”

We love the idea of retelling the most iconic episode of Pokemon. With a bigger budget and more time to focus on this small part of the story, they can really make something great. This new Pokemon movie is scheduled to release July 15, 2017 in Japan. Hopefully, we will hear some news soon about it coming stateside. And please let this one be in theaters. No more of this “straight-to-DVD” nonsense.

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