Deadpool Movie Too Graphic to Screen in China

deadpool movie denied screening rights in chinaFor anyone who was worried that the upcoming Deadpool movie would be taking the R-rating lightly, worry no more. Apparently, due to the graphic content, China has denied 20th Century Fox permission to screen the movie in their country.

In a report from a local Chinese media outlet (interpreted by IGN), the graphic content in question involves intense violence, nudity, and strong language.

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Normally, China has worked with Hollywood to censor R-rated films in a way that maintains the integrity of the film. Apparently with Deadpool, this is just not possible without messing up the plot.

While this may not seem like a big deal to most, Deadpool will be missing out on one of the largest film markets in the world. Movies that have failed critically such as the Transformers franchise, have made such success in China that they’ve been able to continue development without worrying about quality.

It is sad to hear that the merc with the mouth won’t be getting the numbers he so rightfully deserves. You can show your support by watching Deadpool when it releases February 12. For now, check out what other movies, games and TV premieres are coming in our February 2016 Calendar.

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