Deadpool and Cable Movie Being Discussed Says Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool and Cable Film being discussed according to ryan reynoldsDeadpool fans have been loving all the press around the upcoming movie. So far every poster, trailer, and interview have said the right things. Luckily for us, it seems like they are already discussing the possibility of a Deadpool and Cable movie!

At a Deadpool fan event in New York City, Ryan Reynolds surprised fans by introducing a screening of the entire movie. After the film was over, he stuck around to talk about the film and answer any questions.

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According to, one fan asked what characters they wanted in the movie but couldn’t be included. Immediately Reynolds replied, “Taskmaster. We all [wanted him].” Recently that character’s rights have gone back to Marvel Studios.

Soon the questions steered more towards the possibility of sequels when a fan shouted, “Cable and Deadpool!” This prompted a great response for Reynolds. “Your lips to God’s ears,” he said. “Believe me, that’s being talked about.” He even emphasized the point with a smile and a nod.

This isn’t too surprising since Deadpool has gathered so much momentum among fans as we’ve gotten closer to release. The studio is probably watching how we react on twitter and how high ticket sales get to see what the interest would be.

If you’re excited for the possibility of a Deadpool and Cable movie, how about you check out Deadpool when it hits theaters February 12.

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