Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Tease Cable Casting

After long speculation, we may finally have our first look at the Deadpool 2’s Cable casting. Want a hint about who it could be? This guy will die another day.

Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

If you pay any attention to Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds, you may have seen James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan appear on their social media. Reynolds turned to Instagram to post the above picture of himself alongside Jackman and Brosnan with the simple message of “Wolvie. Bond. Wade.” This could either be teasing our trolling fan expectations.

Adding fuel to the Cable casting rumor is Jackman’s tweet. Here he posted yet another picture, but with the caption “#wolverinebonddeadpool.”

It is probably safe to say that Brosnan wasn’t on the top of anyone’s wish list. Many fans have been vocal about actors such as Stephen Land, Jon Hamm, or Gerard Butler. Still, we can’t help but appreciate the possibility. Despite our expectations, Brosnan seems to be a more perfect a casting choice than anyone else.

We will be crossing our fingers until we get to see Cable in action. From what we have heard so far, Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be every bit as special as its predecessor.

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