Deadpool Sequel Being Worked On

deadpool sequel being worked on deadpool 2Before the movie is even out, Fox has already decided to begin work on a Deadpool sequel. Their belief is that fans will immediately want to see more of the titular character.

Insiders have informed The Hollywood Reporter that the writers of Deadpool have already been greenlit to write the follow-up’s script. This news certainly makes sense since the movie is already expected to open with at least $65 million on its opening weekend.

The director of Deadpool, Tim Miller, has not yet signed on to direct the sequal, but Fox has stated that they plan to keep the creative team together.

The best part about a Deadpool sequel is that the first movie struggled to get made. Even with all the fan support, it was hard to get a studio to officially get the film made. Even more amazing is that it seems to have remained the kind of Deadpool movie that fans had been wishing for.

Reviews for the R-rated action comedy have been pretty good. It is good to see another Marvel character that can survive being outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Before you start getting hyped for the Deadpool sequel, make sure you go out this weekend to see the first one. We definitely have our tickets ready!

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