The Deadpool Movie: 6 Reasons Why You Should Watch

deadpool movieLast night at roughly 8pm, I made my way to the comfortable theater seat, joining fellow fans and superhero nerds during the Thursday premiere of Deadpool, one of the greatest Marvel films and 1 hour 50 minutes I’ve ever sat through. From the beginning scene to the epic ending, Deadpool is definitely an experience for any fan of the series or those who are interested in a funny, action packed film that strays away from the typical superhero movie formula.

Deadpool was a memorable experience from the beginning to the end. As many movies fail to meet the audience’s expectations, this film not only met mine, but surpassed them. Deadpool is one of those movies that gives the audience an immediate need to see it again, to experience the violence, hilarity, and the world of one of everyone’s favorite merc.

This spoiler free list presents six reasons why you should see the highly anticipated superhero movie featuring the Merc with a Mouth, as it has exceeded expectations and is already going to be tough competition for any other action/hero film that is set to release in 2016. (Also check out our list of funny Deadpool shirts if you’re in the market).

1. Deadpool isn’t your typical “serious” superhero film.

Most of us can recognize the typical superhero film tropes that are present in many comic book-inspired movies. A character gains extraordinary powers, learning to hone their skills to stop evildoers and save the world. It isn’t that this formula is a negative thing, it’s just that many of these movies have the same kind of characters with similar goals. Deadpool is unique for many reasons, one of them being that he would not be considered the “good guy.” In many ways, he fits the antihero archetype with his crude actions, lack of hesitation to murder, and his questionable background. However, one of the best things about his character that makes it differ from the typical hero movies is the fact that his sarcasm and humor contrasts the seriousness of many other films, which brings us to the next point.

2. The humor and 4th wall breaking is done exceptionally well.

There is no doubt about it, Deadpool is absolutely hilarious. When I was at the premiere, laughter frequently erupted throughout the showing, showing that the audience was constantly entertained by Deadpool’s antics and banter between the other characters. Wade Wilson could care less of what other people think, and that’s part of what makes him amazing. There are so many memorable lines and comedic moments. Another part of the movie that was done well was the 4th wall breaking that is always present in the Deadpool comics. There were times in which Deadpool talked to the audience even questioning why he received his own film. It’s hard to talk about these two things without spoilers, so it’s best to see it in person and experience the humor yourself.

3. Ryan Reynolds stays true to Deadpool’s character.

Ryan Reynolds makes an awesome Deadpool in many ways. His voice, acting, and mannerisms result in a near perfect interpretation of the comic book character. There was never a moment that I thought the actor did not “fit” or act in a way that did not accurately represent the merc. Finding an actor to play the role of such a unique and non-generic “hero” is tough, especially since Deadpool has a significant charm that cannot be easily interpreted on screen.

Even Betty White endorses him:

4. The origin story was amazing.

Deadpool origin

Without spoiling, it can be said that the movie explains how the antihero became immortal, revealing a really shocking yet very interesting origin story and a villain that you love to hate. Told in flashbacks, the days before Deadpool depict a well-done romance, mercenary work, and the unfortunate news of terminal illness that resulted in superhuman powers. The backstory is very thought-provoking and full of excitement, causing the audience to feel sympathy for Deadpool’s situation.

5. Action packed fight scenes and confrontations.

Nearly every fight scene in the movie is over the top, with exaggerated violence that only Deadpool could get away with. From stylish spins to sword fighting combat, the fight scenes are absolutely epic, resulting in many “oohs and aahs” from the audience. Adding the merc’s hilarious one-liners and lack of fear towards his opposition only adds to the excitement. Even though Deadpool is immortal and can regenerate after being shot, stabbed, or severed, it never feels like he is too overpowered. Even if he is, he can get away with it.

6. There is never a dull moment.

Deadpool movie reasons to watch

From pop culture references to taxi cab subplots and action scenes, there was not one minute of Deadpool that I felt bored, tired, or annoyed with any of the characters, scenes, or jokes. My eyes were glued to the screen, my attention fully on the nearly two hour movie. This is something that many films strive to do and often fail. However, this movie was a ride that blended elements of comedy, romance, action, and even some degree of seriousness, coming together in a beautiful way. Scenes never dragged on, and there was nothing repetitive or dull about the movie.

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