Wolverine 3 to be Rated R: Thanks, Deadpool?

Wolverine 3 rated RAlthough it’s an odd choice to make such a big movie announcement, 20th Century Fox took to the NYC Toy Fair to unveil that they’re targeting a rated R Wolverine 3.

According to a pamphlet handed out by Fox at their Toy Fair presentation, the logo for the upcoming James Mangold-directed superhero film is paired with an anticipated R rating.

R rated Wolverine

Of course, this news comes hot off of the success of the R rated Deadpool movie, which broke all sorts of records at the box office in its debut weekend. It’s unlikely that Fox had these handouts printed in just two days, so we’re wondering if the R rated Wolverine 3 was already planned before the merc’s success story. We’re also seeing talks of a mature X-Force movie, so there’s that to chew on as well.

The next Wolverine movie will be Hugh Jackman’s last take on Logan, so we’re surprised that 20th Century Fox didn’t just wait for the next Wolverine movie to make it a more mature reboot.

The Wolverine 3 release date is currently set for March 3, 2017. We’ll keep you posted on the latest news.

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