Deadpool sequel Will Cost Studio More for Ryan Reynolds

deadpool sequelIt is no secret that  Deadpool has been seeing a lot of critical and commercial success since its release just over a week ago. Because of this, a Deadpool sequel is going to cost 20th Century Fox a lot more for its main talent.

Although Ryan Reynolds is already signed on for the next movie, The Hollywood Reporter says his agents want to negotiate the deal due to the first movie’s success.

The Deadpool movie has made over $240 million and almost $500 million worldwide. Of this, Reynolds earned only $2 million upfront. Supposedly, he is the only cast member with the possibility of some box-office bonuses.

Director Tim Miller made even less with only $250,000 for the film. Luckily, he will likely earn some compensation based on the commercial success. Miller isn’t actually signed on for a Deadpool sequel just yet though. Fox will need to offer much more money to get him signed on for the follow-up.

Deadpool broke records with the biggest opening day ever for an R-rated movie. The sequel is already announced to include the fan-favorite team-up with Cable. We certainly have high expectations for the next Deadpool movie. 20th Century Fox better pay every penny that this creative team asks for.  They’ve more than earned it.

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