Arrival Director Denis Villeneuve Signs on for Dune Reboot

Late last night it was announced by Brian Herbert that Denis Villeneuve has signed on as the director for the reboot of Dune. Brian is the son of Frank Herbert, who was the original author for the six Dune books that were first released to the public in 1965. Backed by Legendary Pictures, the studio behind titles like The Dark Night and the upcoming Kong: Skull Island, this will be the first time we’ve heard of this science fiction series since 2003.

It’s almost important to note that Villeneuve is also responsible for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, appropriately named Blade Runner 2049. This makes him now responsible for the reemergence of two legendary sci-fi properties that have cultivated large and dedicated fanbases. There is no word on which of the six novels this film will follow nor any intended release year. Though given how busy Villeneuve has been lately, we suspect the earliest one could expect this reboot is sometime in 2019 or early 2020.

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[via Den of Geek]

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