Pacific Rim 2 Finds a New Directer

pacific rim 2Recent news has revealed that Pacific Rim 2 is definitely not dead yet. In fact, since Guillermo del Toro is already busy with other films, a new director will helm the project.

According to Deadline, Steven S. DeKnight will be making his feature film directorial debut with del Toro acting as a producer for the film. If any of you are worried about this sudden change, fear not. DeKnight has already proven himself with his work on Daredevil: Season 1 and Spartacus. Additionally, he has also directed episodes of AngelSmallville, and Dollhouse.

Penning the script will be Jon Spaihts, who has previously written Prometheus and the upcoming Doctor Strange.

Pacific Rim is was a fantastic blockbuster pitting giant, manned robots against Kaiju. Any Godzilla fan out there is sure to have some fun with this movie.

The story behind Pacific Rim 2 has been a troubled one. Originally, shooting was supposed to begin this past November. In September, the project was put on hold and many believed it was canceled. Even with Universal Studios pulling it from the release schedule, Guillermo del Toro assured us that the movie was not cancelled.

We are certainly excited to hear that Pacific Rim 2 is still on its way. We’ll keep you updated as the project continues.

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