Will Smith to Star in David Ayer’s Thriller “Bright”

will smithWhat do you get when you combine cops with fantasy elements? Will Smith and Joel Edgerton of course! Both are set to star in the upcoming thriller, Bright, from David Ayer.

While it is still being shopped around, The Wrap reports that Warner Bros is looking to be a likely home for the film. With the studio just wrapping up Ayer’s own Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith, it makes a lot of sense.

Bright takes place in a universe where humans live among mystical creatures like orcs and fairies. The story centers around an orc cop as the protagonist.

Writing the script is Max Landis who is best known for his work on Chronicle. As a found-footage movie about kids developing powers, it did a great job writing believable interactions.

Ayer is hoping that the film will get approved soon so he can fit the project into his fall schedule before he has to direct the Suicide Squad sequel in 2017.

Smith is currently working on Collateral Beauty while Edgerton is starring in both Midnight Special and Loving.

We here are glad to see that Will Smith is appearing in more movies lately. He is always able to make even the worst characters somewhat likable. Here’s to hoping that details become more concrete soon.

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