Spider-Man Reboot Casts a New Lead Character

spider-man rebootDespite being on many people’s minds, very little has been revealed about the Spider-Man reboot. Today we learn about another cast member.

According to Deadline, actress and singer Zendaya has been given a key role in the ensemble around Tom Holland. Not much is known about her role, but she is rumored to be playing a character named Michelle.

If Michelle is a pre-existing character from the comics, it could be Michele Gonzales. In the comics, she ends up as Peter Parker’s roommate. Eventually, she accompanies Peter to the wedding of Aunt May. After running into Peter’s ex, Mary Jane, he goes on a bender and wake up alongside Michele.

We think that it’s a bit of a stretch to assume they are bringing a fairly obscure character to the big screen. While we do expect different villains from the previous Spider-Man films, we doubt there will be too many small comic book characters with big roles in the movie.

Holland was cast early on as Peter Park/Spider-Man for his cameo in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. As the first appearance of Spider-Man since Marvel’s agreement with Sony Pictures, fans are more than excited.

The Spider-Man reboot is still a ways away, but with John Watts from Cop Car directing, we are eager to see how the movie ends up.

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