The Discovery Movie Adds Robert Redford, Jason Segel

The Discovery movie castThe Discovery, an upcoming sci-fi movie currently in the works with Charlie McDowell (The One I Love) directing, has added actors Robert Redford and Jason Segel to its cast.

Segel is said to be replacing Nicholas Hoult, who was originally brought on board to star opposite Rooney Mara. According to Deadline, Hoult had to dropout of the film due to scheduling conflicts.

The Discovery will follow a romance set one year after science has proven that an afterlife exists. Following the discovery, millions of people take their own lives in an effort to start over. Rogen will now play the role of the son of the scientist who made the discovery, while Mara will play the love interest, a woman with a tragic past. Meanwhile, Redford will be playing the role of the scientific father who makes the discovery.

As far as a release date for the sci-fi romance, it’s currently unknown, except for the fact that it’s coming at some point in 2017. However, shooting is expecting to begin later this month in Rhode Island.

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