WATCH – Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

The next Marvel movie is less than two months away and this new Captain America: Civil War trailer sheds new light on what we can expect.

After watching the new trailer, we can safely say that choosing a side is getting even more difficult. There doesn’t seem to be anyone doing the wrong thing here and that’s what makes this so much more interesting.

We have grown connected to these characters through years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To look at one side and think, “These guys are wrong,” makes us feel just as betrayed as the on-screen heroes.

One thing that really shows in this trailer is just how jam-packed this movie is with superheroes. The Civil War story was massive in the comics. This movie maintains that feel by showing us Ant-Man, The Vision, Black Panther, and even Spider-Man.

With our first look at the new Spidey, we definitely feel like he belongs. His costume is classic, yet still has that modern design that gives it a level of realism. Not to mention, the voice feels right at home for the character. While we wish they had saved his reveal for the actual movie, we are still pleased with what we’ve seen it feels like there is still so much more.

The most impressive aspect of this Civil War trailer is that even with so many heroes fighting one another, this still feels very much like a Captain America movie. This is his story and the trailers so far haven’t lost sight of that.

Captain America: Civil War releases soon on May 6. Which side do you choose?

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