DC’s Lobo Movie Grabs Wonder Woman Writer

lobo movie writerWarner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced that writer Jason Fuchs, the man penning the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, will also write the Lobo movie.

TheWrap reports that Fuchs will create his own take on Lobo, the alien mercenary and bounty hunter with the badass biker persona.

Fuchs’ past writing credits include Pan (which we all saw how that turned out) and Ice Age: Continental Drift. But the fact that DC is putting the writer behind Lobo, a potential movie franchise launch, shows a vote of confidence.

Lobo was originally created as a villain, but in his 90s revival, he was brought back as an anti-hero of sorts. He’s rooted in Green Lantern comics, as well as the Teen Titans spin-off Omega Men.

Of course, probably of more significance than the writer is the actor who will portray Lobo, and it’s going to be a tough gig casting someone of Lobo’s size that’s popular enough to lead a movie and bring box office appeal.

No release date or window has been given for the film just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

As a side note and a bit of trivial knowledge, Fuchs also does a bit of voice acting, and has worked on a couple of Rockstar Games’ big hits, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Revolver. So, you know, if the whole directing superhero movies thing doesn’t quite pan out…

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