WATCH: Alice Through the Looking Glass New Trailer

Whether or not you enjoyed the live action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, it was undoubtedly a commercial success. With the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, they aim to fix some of the issues people had with the first title.

One common complaint people had with the first movie is that the CGI seemed to go overboard. Much of the movie was done with green screens, which can be very difficult to act off of. According to an interview with IGN, director James Bobin looks to be changing that with this upcoming film.

While a large amount of the computer effects are unavoidable in this kind of film, Bobin says, “I didn’t want to go as much into the CG world as they did in the first, so we built more sets for this.”

These physical sets can be seen in this new trailer. Even though there is still a large amount of CGI shown, you can see that more and more scenes are in rooms or have a physical presence. It can be extremely difficult to act towards nothingness, so the actors should be able to gather more intense and believable emotions.

We are actually pretty excited to see Alice Through the Looking Glass. The fantastical world has many unique characters that could make for an entertaining movie. Get ready something strange when it hits theaters on May 27.

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