Suicide Squad Reshoots to Make Movie Lighthearted

suicide squad reshootsBatman v Superman has been met with mixed reviews with its dark storyline. Suicide Squad reshoots look to make the movie a more lighthearted experience.

The reveal comes from the good folks over at Birth.Movies.Death. They report that Warner Bros. is putting a lot of money for reshoots of the upcoming movie. How much money? Apparently “tens of millions of dollars.”

This response follows the release of the most recent trailer. This trailer was packed with almost every joke the movie has to offer. The problem is, that is what fans are responding so positively to. The studio feels the need to add more jokes and banter to avoid disappointment from viewers.

Decisions like this can often be risky for a studio. Superhero movies can often yield a massive profit, so appealing to the fans can be well worth the risk.

Ever since Batman v Superman release, people have been highly critical of the incredibly dark nature of the movie. If Suicide Squad maintains the darker tone of the original trailer, it seems like fans it will suffer the same fate.

We always hope for the best from our beloved franchises. DC has been hit and miss with its movies, but hopefully the Suicide Squad reshoots make the movie less decisive with viewers.

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