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The Purge 4 Has Officially Been Announced by Universal

The Purge

It’s official, the fourth installment of The Purge has officially been announced and is aiming for a July 2018 release date. While almost all the details are scarce, we do know that James DeMonaco will not be directing this time around. While he will still remain as the primary screenwriter, this marks the first film in this horror series to not be helmed by the same person. Platinum Dunes and Blumhouse will stay on to be producers, however there has been no word on any cast members.

The fourth film comes as a bit of a surprise given the third movie actually ended with the abolishment of the annual Purge. While there was wide-scale rioting, this seemed to mark the end of the actual event itself and seemed to end any hope for another movie. Yet, there are a few possibilities that the newest director could take, with a prequel being perhaps the most obvious addition. This would allow them to explore how exactly such a twisted holiday was even legalized and could add more depth to the world itself.

However, the second concept is far more interesting and could focus around the implementation of The Purge in another country. Given that “murder tourism” was a concept briefly explored in the last installment, this could offer an interesting avenue for a director to explore how other nations would perceive and implement this concept into their yearly calendar. Regardless of which outcome the new director decides to travel down, it’s clear this horror/action franchise is here to stay.

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