MSI Infinite X Gaming Desktop Rolls Out Today

The Infinite line of desktops from MSI have proven to be some of the best hardware on the market. And today, MSI has officially released the latest member of the family out to the public.

Known as the Infinite X, MSI’s latest offering was recognized as a 2018 Honoree of CES’ Innovation Awards. One of the biggest additions to the Infinite X is MSI’s new cooling system for the rig. The Silent Storm Cooling 3 PRO individually cools the crucial heat-generating portions of the hardware within separate chambers. Thus successfully preventing the PC from overheating while avoiding noisy ventilation systems.

The core of the Infinite X runs via the robust 8th generation Intel Core K-series processor. MSI states the processor can be overclocked without having to open the case or implement any additional software. MSI’s included software does all the work, allowing the hardware to increase speed and performance for smoother experiences upon demand.

While the Infinite line from MSI enables gamers to customize their rig to suit their specific needs, the Infinite X does come pretty well stocked as is. It comes out of the box with a NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti graphics card, which MSI mounted vertically for peak airflow and safer transportation. Two 3.5” hard disk drives, and three additional 2.5” solid state drive/hard disk drive bays. The system comes equipped with 16 GB of memory, but supports up to 64 GB of RAM.

The Infinite X runs on Windows 10 Home and sports a Intel Z370 chipset. It also houses a DVD Super Multi for its optical drive. As far as storage goes, it includes two 256 GB SSD (totally 512 GB) and a 2 TB HDD.

The Infinite X is available today via Amazon and Newegg. At $1,699.99, it’s a reasonably priced starting point for anyone looking to jump into PC gaming, or for someone ready to upgrade from a slightly older rig.

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