New Dual Universe Trailer Shows Off the Top 3 User Created Ships

Back in December, the developers at Novaquark issued a challenge to its Dual Universe fanbase. They tasked them with utilizing the MMO’s extensive creation suite to build a custom ship that would make the entire galaxy jealous. And after over 100 submissions, today’s new Dual Universe trailer shows us what the community came up with.

Fans came up with all kinds of unique creations using the tools built into Dual Universe. Novaquark says that submissions spanned from “land-based hovercrafts to in-atmosphere fighter ships, all the way up to space-ready transports”. And the diversity in the top three choices exemplifies that.

Coming in third place is a submission from the user Staples dubbed the Dart. It’s a compact ship that actually looks as though it takes inspiration from a pistol, complete with the cockpit station where the trigger would be.

The second place design was created by Gasplitch. Known as the Mistral V1, it’s a vertical ship that resembles a high-end luxury suite. Proving that just because your exploring the universe doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in style.

Finally, the new Dual Universe trailer reveals that the first place entry belongs to OneThousandStars. The user created the Goblin Shark, a sleek high-speed vessel that bears more than a striking resemblance to Batman’s Batwing. You certainly don’t want to get on the bad side of whoever is manning this ship.

What’s more impressive is that users couldn’t just build impressive mega-ships to wow judges. Instead, they were restricted to ship sizes of 16 to 32 in-game meters. Proving that the winners not only have design skills aesthetically but also have the ability to wield creativity within confined specifications.

If you’re into MMOs that allow your imagination and creativity to thrive, Dual Universe should be right up your alley. Still, in Alpha 1, the game already features a robust system that allows for extensive modification. It also touts the first fully editable universe that players design themselves, “the most realistic economy system ever made in a game”, and a warfare and political system that will keep everyone on their toes. You can read up on more of the game here and see what Novaquark has planned for 2019.

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