Nintendo MH is the Codename for the Next Handheld

nintendo MHNintendo’s next handheld is codenamed the Nintendo MH, according to a Yahoo Japan finance story that mentions the MH like it’s no big deal.

The article is worded as follows:

“The driving force up until now has been new business from “health services, theme parks and mobile games, etc,” but will switch over to the next generation game system (NX) and next-gen handheld game device (MH(temporary name)).

By the sounds of it, Nintendo’s next handheld won’t actually be tied in with the NX, as has been previously rumored. Instead, if the article is true, a separate 3DS successor is in the works. Could this mean that the NX won’t be this console/handheld hybrid?

For now, we’ll take this report with a grain of salt until we start seeing some corroborating stories pop up. I’d say we’d find out more at this year’s E3 2016, but Nintendo is apparently taking a mulligan on the year, so we likely won’t get any more information on what this next generation Nintendo MH handheld could be.

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