ECLIPSE Comic Announced from Image and Top Cow

eclipse comicA new ECLIPSE comic is coming to Image Comics. This new sci-fi thriller looks to make the sunlight a much scarier place than the darkness.

The story of the ECLIPSE comic takes place in the not-too-distant future. Earth has changed and the sun is now the biggest bringer of death. Most of the world’s population has died after a massive electro-magnetic solar flare. Now, the suns rays can kill instantly, forcing humanity to become nocturnal.

“We’ve all thought about droughts or food shortages, but consider what would happen if we lost a precious environmental companion like the sun,” said writer Zacl Kaplan. “ECLIPSE explores that catastrophic possibility, and whether we as people can survive with hope or succumb to our darker nature.”

This new series from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions will focus on solar engineer David “Bax” Baxter. After agreeing to protect a girl from a mysterious killer, Bax must confront the past he has tried so hard to forget.

The ECLIPSE comic hits shelves on September 7th. With such a refreshing take on the post-apocalyptic genre, we are excited to give this one a read. We have a pretty good feeling that this will be one of the next big series’ to follow.

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