Multiple Young Han Solo Movies a Possibilty

multiple young han solo moviesMultiple young Han Solo movies could be a possibility. If the first one goes well, we might have a spin-off series in the works. Star Wars just got a bit bigger.

Earlier today, The New York Daily News received an unnamed tip that Alden Ehrenreich has “quietly signed” on for “at least three movies.” As you could guess, the reasoning is in case the first standalone Han Solo film is a massive success.

While the article suggests that multiple young Han Solo movies could be coming in the form of a trilogy, the unnamed sourced does not directly state whether he would be the focus of each film or if he would act as a supporting appearance.

As the article suggests, Disney sees a lot of potential with this younger version of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character. Part of the reasoning is that Solo doesn’t need to be tied down to the central Empire storyline. These prequels give them a chance to introduce new characters, galaxies, and creatures.

We’ll have to wait until May 25, 2018 to see how Disney and Lucasfilm handle the first standalone Han Solo film. Only then will we know if there should be multiple young Han Solo movies or not.

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