WATCH: New Moana Trailer Dives Deeper Into the Story

A new Moana trailer has just been released by Disney. This time, we finally get a bigger taste of the story. You’ve got to love that sweet, sweet context.

As the lore goes, the greatest sailors in the world traveled across the Pacific Ocean three thousand years ago. They discovered many of the islands. No one knows why, but they stopped traveling for one millennium. This is that story.

This is what Disney has told us for awhile now. We knew the general story, but we never got much of the context. That all changes with this new Moana trailer. No we know that Moana stars our titular teenager, setting sail in search of the demigod Maui. Her hope is for his help in saving her people.

What is underappreciated is the new technology at work in this new Moana trailer. According to IGN, Disney Animation teamed up with Industrial Light and Magic and Pixar to create a new water system they are calling “Splash.” This new system simplifies the process of animating the water. This is extremely important in a movie about a woman sailing across the ocean.

We are more than excited to watch Moana when it releases this Thanksgiving. Disney has been creating a lot of great things lately. This will definitely be another one.

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