Sea of Thieves: Alpha Play-Testing December 16th

During the weekend of December 16th Sea of Thieves, will begin Alpha play-testing with around 1,000 players in the hopes of getting feedback and data insights to improve the game.  Only Xbox Insiders will be able to participate and there will likely be no announcements out of it, as those participating have signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, the application process to become an insider is still open.
For those interested in learning more about Sea of Thieves, they have created a series they call their “short haul” videos that further delve into things like the in-game instruments including the hurdy-gurdy, atmospheric sounds, environmental art, animation, lighting, their soundtrack, architecture, crew interactions aboard the ship, and one even goes into depth on how they crafted clouds.

Additionally, the team has a podcast series they call “tales from the tavern”. Additionally, some gameplay footage was revealed during E3.  They showed up again a few months ago during GamesCon. They also have dedicated forums and subreddit with 3,000 subscribers.

The executive producer, Joe Neate, has stated, “At its heart, our upcoming shared world pirate game Sea of Thieves is all about you, your friends and the high seas adventures you’ll be embarking upon together.” He added, “our ongoing approach to game design is to craft a wealth of features and systems suited to all manner of player motivations.” The game also received an update today.

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