WATCH: Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer

It’s almost that time of year again. The Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer has landed. This time, the Doctor is coming stateside to save the day.

The episode is called The Return of Doctor Mysterio and the trailer promises a fun ride in the big apple. When brain-swapping aliens begin their attack, the Doctor and Nardole team up with an investigative reporter. If that wasn’t enough, Manhattan is being protected by a caped crusader called The Ghost. Who is he under the mask? How will the Doctor explain his powers?

From what we can tell, this will definitely be one of the more “out there” episodes. The Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer feels awkward with The Ghost in it, but we think that’s the point. Our hero is the Doctor and someone is stepping in his territory. Luckily, the episode seems like it will play into this a little bit. We can’t trust him just yet!

Doctor Who has celebrated Christmas for a long time now. Releasing on December 25th is the perfect gift to wrap up your long day of food and family. Still, there is always a hint of the holiday during the episode, so we will have to find out what makes this more Christmas than any other episode.

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