Lost Odyssey Free on Xbox One to Celebrate Milestone

Get Lost Odyssey free on Xbox One today in celebration of Microsoft’s big milestone. There are now 300 games available as part of the backwards compatibility program.

lost odyssey freeAccording to IGNLost Odyssey can be added to any Xbox Live subscribers’ library for free until December 31. The game is famous for being one the few JRPGs available on the Xbox 360, as well as one of the greatest. Not to mention, it was created by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker Studios.

Additionally, another JRPG from the studio, called Blue Dragon, is now available. This one you will have to pay for, though. It is currently priced at $20.

For both these games, backwards compatibility only worked if the player owned the original disc. Luckily, Microsoft was able to figure out a way to make these games available digitally as well.

Earlier this morning, Xbox head Phil spencer turned to Twitter to announce that almost 50% of Xbox One owners are playing backwards compatible games. Making Lost Odyssey free is just one way they can say thanks for all the support.

Backwards compatibility was one of the biggest surprises when it was announced for the Xbox One during E3 2015. Since then, it has grown to even include repackaged 360 games on store shelves.

We hope that future consoles find a way to implement these features. Microsoft has found a way to do the impossible. Sony and Nintendo should be able to follow their lead. For now, go download Lost Odyssey free.

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