Square Enix Launches Three New Dragon Quest XI Trailers

Just when you thought maybe Dragon Quest X still had a chance to be released in the West, Square Enix has all but confirmed its complete focus on Dragon Quest XI. The developers have officially released Dragon Quest XI‘s opening cinematic and gameplay for both the PS4 and 3DS. The former is quite beautiful with vast looking landscapes and distinctly detailed graphics from artist Akira Tokiyama. A few main characters are introduced, along with some pretty cool looking enemies and cinematic combat.

Both gameplay trailers are vastly different. The PS4 one has wide green fields that can be traversed on horseback with the main character, all in 3D. The graphics are apparently more detailed than the new Zelda title, Breath of the Wild. So points to Square Enix for making the game look that much better than a Nintendo launch title. The 3DS gameplay is entirely in 2D with graphical choices that call back to much earlier Dragon Quest games, like the second in the series. It almost seems like Square Enix might just market these versions as two entirely different experiences.

Another video showcases a conversation between the newly revealed Camus character. This is the blue, spiky-haired thief that looks like he belongs in a Kingdom Hearts game and is described as “loyal” to Dragon Quest XI‘s main character. Camus is also one of the side characters that will be able to join the players party.

The only bad news here, is that Dragon Quest XI has a confirmed release for Japan, but not for the West. There might still be hope, as it took Dragon Quest IX a whole year to cross the pond. Dragon Quest XI is set to release in 2017 for Japan on the PS4, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.

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