Leak: Nintendo Switch Price Set at $245, Releases March 17

It looks like GameSeek is the latest retailer to “accidentally” leak some information regarding the Nintendo Switch just days before its big reveal event.

According to the UK retailer’s listing, the Nintendo Switch will launch on March 17 and it will be priced at £198.50 (~USD $245, which would likely be set at $249 for marketing purposes).nintendo switch price

Of course, while it’s very possible this is being used as a placeholder for the listing, but it seems an oddly specific date to just be a placeholder, does it not? Typically speaking, placeholders for retailers are set on the last day of the month. In this listing, it’s set for March 17th — too specific to just be a placeholder, in our opinion.

nintendo switch price leak

Most interesting is that the listing has the price set at what would roughly translate to $245 here in the United States. One of our 2017 video game predictions was that the Switch would make its debut at $299, so this price point exceeds our expectations. At $245, even if there are only a few games available in March, we’d imagine that the Nintendo Switch would fly off shelves at that price.

Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but this looks too legit to ignore, especially this close to the big Switch blowout that we’re getting next Thursday. We’ll find out for sure soon enough, but get your wallets ready for that pre-order, especially with Nintendo’s propensity for not keeping items stocked in stores.

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[via GameSpot]

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